About Me

I have been a student of history my entire life - from my earliest memories of grade school, through college, and continuing to this day. Early on, I discovered that history wasn't just a global phenomenon, but was also a very personal experience. Family stories told around the table during the holidays piqued my curiosity in "the good old days" of my ancestors and led to what has become a lifelong journey into the world of genealogy.

I've always had a deep respect for the men and women who were selfless enough to serve in our nation's armed forces. My father was a veteran. I followed in his footsteps and served as well. As my genealogy skills and education grew, I expanded my research activities into the service history of local veterans. The knowledge and experience that I gained during my own military career have helped me analyze service records and present an individual's service history in the context of the world at large.

History and genealogy have been, and remain, deeply important to me. I am eager to apply my enthusiasm to the mysteries you have about your own family history. Please contact me so that we can begin the journey together!